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Cofrag Indústria e Comércio Ltda

We are a textile industry with technology in the knitting, dyeing, printing, polyurethane foams, thermoforming, thermoplastics and dubbing sectors.

Sapiranga (RS), São Leopoldo (RS), Santo Antônio de Jesus (BA), Cascavel (CE) e Franco da Rocha (SP) - BRAZIL

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Overall Score: To achieve Sustainable Origin certification, the company must comply with all mandatory entry-level indicators (Bronze) and achieve a minimum of 30% of the applicable maximum score. Subsequently, they are followed by Silver (40%), Gold (60%) and the maximum Diamond level (80%).  *The maximum score of applicable indicators for Cofrag is 685 points.

Certification Type


Cofrag defined the scope of the certification for the whole company to certify all the organization's processes. The brands belonging to the certified company are also certified.

Audited by 


Cofrag had its certification granted after verification audited by SENAI. For more information about the audits accredited by the Sustainable Origin, click here.

Brief description of the company

Founded in 1988, Grupo Cofrag writes its history based on principles of sustainability, ethics, professionalism and commitment in the relationship with customers, employees and society. In constant evolution, we have become a textile industry with advanced technologies in the weaving, dyeing, printing, PU foam, thermoformed, thermoplastic and dubbing sectors. We are present in four states of Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia, Ceará and São Paulo. With a focus on innovation, the Research and Development sector invests in new fibers and processes in the construction of products improving them with each collection. Developed using state-of-the-art technologies, our articles are submitted to physical and chemical tests, directed to each final application, in specialized quality control laboratories. In addition to products used by footwear such as insoles and bias, we work in the production of lingerie, beachwear, fitness and
also in the security, automotive, furniture and decoration segments. We produce breastplates, forts and reinforcement insoles made from waste generated by the production chain through transformation into new materials. Focusing on continuous improvement, we continue to invest in innovation in processes and materials, in management improvements, through quality practices and in the development of people and our communities.

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Rua General Nascimento Vargas 309
São Luís
Phone (5
1) 3568-2044

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