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Grendene SA

Women, men and children shoes

Farroupilha (RS), Crato, Fortaleza e Sobral (CE) - BRAZIL

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Validity of certification





Certified since









Overall Score: To achieve Sustainable Origin certification, the company must comply with all mandatory entry-level indicators (Bronze) and achieve a minimum of 30% of the applicable maximum score. Subsequently, they are followed by Silver (40%), Gold (60%) and the maximum Diamond level (80%).  *The maximum score of applicable indicators for Grendene SA is 665 points.

Certification Type


Grendene SA defined the scope of the certification for the whole company to certify all the organization's processes. The brands belonging to the certified company are also certified.

Audited by 


Grendene SA had its certification granted after verification audited by DNV.
For more information about the audits accredited by the Sustainable Origin, , click here.

Brief description of the company

Our history is made by people. We are proud of what we do and who does it with us. Our future does not depend only on our actions, but on the people who will be with us. Trust, ethics and dedication are values ​​that we have cultivated along the way and that have made us much more than a shoe company.

We were born from paradigm shifts and learned to create our own patterns. Our products have reinvented the market. Fashion has never been so democratic. We believe that a company can create products ethically, reducing the impact on the environment, taking care of people and the planet. This commitment is in our day to day, and that is why, until today, our brands maintain their capacity for evolution.

Together, we challenge the impossible, to transform the future. We are creativity and daring, not only because we combine style and comfort in our products, but because we always had the courage to keep our eyes turned to the world.

We are Grendene. We produce sustainable fashion and affordable design. Collaboration and innovation are part of our DNA, so that wherever we go, our footprint is positive.

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​Contact Information

Sobral - CE
Telefone: (88) 3112.2999
Av. Pimentel Gomes, 214
B. Expectativa
CEP 62040,125

Fortaleza - CE
Telefone: (85) 3533.3600
Rua Cândido Castelo Branco, 865
B. Barra do Ceará
CEP 60332-170

Crato - CE
Telefone: (88) 3312.4999
Av. Rio Grande do Sul, 136
B. Franca Alencar
CEP 63114-000

Farroupilha - RS
Telefone: (54) 2109.9000
Av. Pedro Grendene, 131
B. Volta Grande
CEP 95180-052

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