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Brisa Industria de Tecidos Tecnológicos S.A.

Synthetic Laminate

Simões Filho (BR) BRASIL

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Overall Score: To achieve Sustainable Origin certification, the company must comply with all mandatory entry-level indicators (Bronze) and achieve a minimum of 30% of the applicable maximum score. Subsequently, they are followed by Silver (40%), Gold (60%) and the maximum Diamond level (80%).  *The maximum score of applicable indicators for Brisa is 593 points.

Certification Type


Brisa defined the scope of the certification for the whole company to certify all the organization's processes. The brands belonging to the certified company are also certified.

Audited by 


Brisa had its certification granted after verification audited by SGS. For more information about the audits accredited by the Sustainable Origin, click here.

Brief description of the company

Brisa has been working continuously to develop good practices to contribute to a better future for everyone. Finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment is part of our daily actions.
The company's production processes follow cleaner methods. 97% of the solvents used in production are recovered, reprocessed through a distillation plant and reused, forming a practically closed circuit. The entire area where the solvent is stored has a containment basin, in order to avoid contamination of the soil due to any accidental leakage. Rainwater is properly collected and reused in the manufacturing process.
The energy used by Brisa is generated from sources with low environmental impact (Green Energy), contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Much of the solid waste resulting from the process is used in the production of bricks. We believe that development and the environment can go hand in hand and it is up to everyone to do their part in the search for a balanced use of natural resources. We are doing our part.
Fabiana Oliveira

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​Contact Information

Rodovia BA 526, km1, s/número – Cia Aeroporto
Simões Filho – Bahia 
Telefone (71) 3390-4500

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