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Caimi & Liaison

Synthetic Laminates

Novo Hamburgo (RS), BRASIL

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Overall Score: To achieve the Sustainable Origin certification (in Version 2), the company must achieve a minimum of 50% of the mandatory indicators out of a total of 124 indicators. This minimum percentage refers to the Bronze level, and are followed by Silver (75%), Gold (90%) and Diamond which is the maximum Level (100%).

Certification Type


Caimi & Liaison defined the scope of the certification relating processes that occur within the limits of a certain manufacturing unit (CNPJ). The definition was made for the   Novo Hamburgo/RS manufacturing unit by CNPJ 07.443.786/0001-60.

Audited by


Caimi & Liaison had its certification granted after verification audited by Senai RS. For more information about the audits accredited by the Sustainable Origin, click here.

Brief description of the company

Founded in 1994, Caimi & Liaison has always had in its DNA the creation of fashion products and innovative solutions for the footwear, bags, and accessories sector. It is known for its modern facilities, quality products and a state-of-the-art laboratory. This entire structure is focused on meeting exclusive development demands, both for colors and products, according to the need of each manufacturer or shopkeeper, in addition to keeping the distributor's regulatory stocks always full, thus avoiding a break in supply.


Caimi & Liaison is committed to act to consolidate sustainable development through continuous improvement, prevention of negative impacts and to meet the expectations of its customers, suppliers, employees, society, and shareholders in an effective, innovative, and legal way, perpetuating the business for future generations.

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​Contact Information

Caimi & Liaison Ind. Com. de Couro e Sintéticos Ltda.
RS 239, número 2899
Bairro Vila Nova – CEP 93525-075
Novo Hamburgo (RS) – Brazil

Phone +55 51 3204-3400

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