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Grupo Dass

Footwear, Clothing and Accessories

Ivoti/RS, Novo Hamburgo/RS, Saudades/SC, São Carlos/SP, Campo Erê/SP, São Paulo/SP, Guarulhos/SP, Vitória da Conquista/BA, Santo Estêvão/BA, Iguaí/BA, Santo Antônio de Jesus, Itaberaba/BA, Itapipoca/CE, Buenos Aires, Coronel Suárez, Eldorado (Argentina)

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Overall Score: To achieve Sustainable Origin certification, the company must comply with all mandatory entry-level indicators (Bronze) and achieve a minimum of 30% of the applicable maximum score. Subsequently, they are followed by Silver (40%), Gold (60%) and the maximum Diamond level (80%).  *The maximum score of applicable indicators for Grupo Dass is 688 points.

Certification Type


Grupo Dass defined the scope of the certification for the whole company to certify all the organization's processes. The brands belonging to the certified company are also certified.

Audited by 


Grupo Dass had its certification granted after verification audited by ABNT. For more information about the audits accredited by the Sustainable Origin, click here.

Brief description of the company

The Dass Group is a solid and modern company, which in its more than 40 years in the sports market, combines technology and innovation to create footwear, clothing and accessories for the best sports brands in the world.

Dass Group is the largest integrated management and sourcing operation for sports brands in Latin America. With more than 28 thousand employees, in Brazil and Argentina, the company has a team aligned with the same values ​​and guided by the same passion, committed to quality, efficiency and delivery.

Dass invests in the empowerment of its professionals and provides tools so that people have autonomy in their processes and freedom to collaborate in improving them. Here, people are also encouraged to commit first to themselves, to their career and, consequently, to their development.

Sustainability is part of Dass Group's business strategy. The company works on its development and sustainable growth based on the connection between the economic, social and environmental pillars.

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​Contact Information

Dass Nordeste Calçados e Artigos Esportivos S/A
Rua Albino Kern, 1640
Bairro Sete de Setembro
Ivoti/RS l CEP: 93.900-000
Fone: +55 (51) 3563.8200 / Ramal 8274

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