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Textil PBS

Textile area focused on the manufacture of polyester, nylon and cotton articles, intended for production
footwear, handbags, fashion in general, decoration, resin ribbons and labels

Nova Odessa (SP) - BRAZIL

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Overall Score: To achieve Sustainable Origin certification, the company must comply with all mandatory entry-level indicators (Bronze) and achieve a minimum of 30% of the applicable maximum score. Subsequently, they are followed by Silver (40%), Gold (60%) and the maximum Diamond level (80%).  *The maximum score of applicable indicators for Textil PBS is 671 points.

Certification Type


Textil PBS defined the scope of the certification for the whole company to certify all the organization's processes. The brands belonging to the certified company are also certified.

Audited by 


Textil PBS had its certification granted after verification audited by SGS. For more information about the audits accredited by the Sustainable Origin, click here.

Brief description of the company

Founded in February 1993, in the city of Americana, São Paulo, Têxtil PBS is a company specialized in the production of polyester, nylon, and cotton articles, offering the highest quality and the best cost-benefit ratio in the region! From the footwear, bags, and fashion sectors to the niches of decoration, resin-coated ribbons, and labels, we currently have an
extensive catalog of products with finishes in printing, resin coating, and lamination, serving the most diverse market segments. Through extremely rigorous processes, our fabrics are meticulously produced to ensure total customer satisfaction. That is why we also rely on modern machinery and a team of 8 specialists in the field. In these 30 years in the market, PBS has served over 4,500 clients and produced over 99,000,000 meters of fabric, with a daily production of approximately 104,000 meters!
In addition to guaranteeing your utmost satisfaction, our goal is to offer the best fabrics for your company without harming the environment. Therefore, starting in 2014, we began implementing various more environmentally conscious actions.

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​Contact Information

Avenida José Roque da Silva, 210 

Complemento 230/190
Cond. Ind. Jd. Dona Esther, Nova Odessa
CEP: 13.385-732
Phone (19) 3476.2967

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